Outdoor tables made from kwila timber are long-lasting and resistant to rot, warping and splitting. Tables made with mortise-and-tenon joints, marine epoxy glues and stainless steel fastenings will give long and trouble-free service. The oiled finish is easy and economical to maintain, but as kwila needs no protective finish, tables made from this timber can be left to weather to a natural silver grey, and will need only occasional cleaning - we recommend Wet and Forget every second year or so.

As we make each table individually, it costs no more and takes no longer to have an outdoor table made to your measurements - a little bigger than the examples shown will be a little dearer, a little smaller will be cheaper. If you already have outdoor chairs, bring one in, and we can make a table to suit their height and width. Take a look at our made-to-order page for some examples. We normally attach legs with mortise-and-tenon joints and marine epoxy glues, but if you have access or transport problems we can make the tables with detachable legs, using stainless steel lag screws. To work out how big a table will fit your space, subtract 1.8 metres from the length of deck, and 1.8 metres from the width. this will give 900mm of space around the table: this is enough for people to be able to push their chairs back behind them when they stand up. You will also have to allow room for people to walk and doors to open.

Heavy tables: 90mm square legs, 42mm thick clashings, and 140mm planks.

Light tables: 65mm square legs, 32mm thick clashings, 90mm planks

10 Seater

Three metres long by 1.095 metres wide.

Shown with Bayviews at $355 each

Price: $2,850

12 Seater

1560 x 3000 would seat 18 with benches instead of chairs


Price: $3200.00

10 seater rectangular table, in heavy timber

2400 x 1550, 90mm legs and 140mm planks. Lazy susan, umbrella and chairs extra.

Price: $2,850.00

10 Seater Rectangular Table, light timber

Example of our 10 SeaterTable (2200 x 1500 table) in light timber Chairs extra Umbrella extra

Price: $2350.00

8 Seater Round Table

1800mm diameter round table with 32mm clashing and 90mm boards, to seat 8. Chairs extra at $355 each.

 Also available in heavier timber with a 42mm clashing and 140mm wide boards, 90mm sq legs $2225

Price: $1975

8 seater in heavy timber

Our most popular table, 2400mm x 1220mm. Chairs shown are $355 each.

Price: $2195

6 Seater Round Table

1500mm diameter, chairs are $345 each.

 Also available in a heavy timber, with 42mm thick clashing, 140mm plank and 90mm leg, at $1850

Price: $1,595.00

6 Seater Rectangular Table

1800mm x 1070mm, Chairs extra at $345 each

 Also available as a 2200 x 1070 8 seater for $1595

Price: $1,350.00

6 Seater Heavy Round

Heavy timber clashings and base with wide planks for a substantial look. Also available in a 1800 round 8-seater, at $2225.

Price: $1850.00

4 Seater square table

1200 square. The Clipper chairs shown are $385 each. We also do a 920 square table at $750.

Price: $995.00

8 seater square table

1680 x 1680 square, seats eight. Chairs $345 each


Price: $2150.00

Square coffee table in heavy timber

750mm square coffee table with 90mm square legs. Shown with Clipper chairs, $385 each.

Price: $875.00

Small coffee table

In light timber, easy to move around. Shown here with Clipper chairs, $385 each.

Price: $375.00

Deluxe Coffee Table

Made like the Deluxe benches, this one is 800mm x 560mm x 440mm high, but we can change the size as required

Price: $585.00

Light round table

900mm diameter four-seater, shown with folding chairs at $199 each.

Price: $475.00

Straight-sided oval table

This is an 8-seater, 2200 x 1050, but length can be varied, to order.

 An 1850 x 1050 6-seater is $1595

We also do a heavier oval with a 42mm clashing and 140mm planks, the 6 seater is $1825 and the 8 seater is $2225

Price: $1,975.00

Bar Leaner

1500mm x 900mm x 1100mm high Perfect for outdoor bbq area, and sitting with drinks on a hot summers day - pub style. Bar stools are $315.

Price: $995.00

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